Eco Vision 2050

Sharp’s Eco Vision 2050, a long-term environmental vision, based on its Basic Environmental Policy. Working toward realising a sustainable global environment by pursuing long-term goals and a circular economy.


Climate change

Our partner Sharp recognises the material effects of climate change on its business in terms of risks and opportunities. Our partner Sharp’s goal is to create more clean energy than the total amount of energy consumed in Sharp’s entire supply chain and achieve net-zero CO2 emissions across its business activities.

Green products

Our partner Sharp calls its environmentally friendly products “Green Products (GP)”. The content of the GP Standard Sheet, the benchmark for development objectives, is revised each year to improve the environmental performance of AP Supplies products constantly.

Environmental management

Our partners Sharp’s engineers are continually developing innovative ecological technology to make the world cleaner and greener, and we place a firm focus on manufacturing high quality, environmentally advanced products.



Our partner Sharp actively seek to fulfil our social responsibilities over a wide range of areas across the entire Sharp supply chain. These areas include product safety, environmental protection, human rights and labour, and health and safety.


Toner Recycling Scheme

As a customer of AP Supplies, we are able to offer you a toner recycling service as part of your contract. We have redesigned our scheme to allow all customers to access the recycling scheme, regardless of the number of devices you have in your fleet.

The main reason to recycle, is because these cartridges can be easily re-manufactured for reuse. A re-manufactured cartridge is one which is cleaned and refilled with toner. This can then be reused like a new cartridge


Eco-Friendly Printers