Green Products


Our objectives

Our partner Sharp calls its environmentally friendly products “Green Products (GP)”. The content of the GP Standard Sheet, the benchmark for development objectives, is revised each year to constantly improve the environmental performance of Sharp products.

Sharp’s GP Guidelines, which define development and design criteria in line with seven concepts, have been used in all product design departments since 1998.

In developing products, Sharp sets specific objectives according to the GP Standard Sheet, formulated in line with the GP Guidelines. The trial manufacture and mass production stages determine how well the actual product meets these objectives.

In addition, Sharp strengthens compliance systems on an ongoing basis in response to changing product environmental laws and regulations in each country. In 2019, Sharp’s sales and manufacturing bases in ASEAN countries, Europe, and the Middle East collaborated to form a new organisational structure to deal with such laws and regulations.



Voluntary agreement imaging equipment

Sharp is an environmentally minded company with a long track record of environmental improvements of its products. Thus, Sharp contributes to the EU Action Plan on Energy Efficiency by improving environmental attributes of its products, especially with regard to resource and energy efficiency